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Over the years we have had the opportunity to work  for Westinghouse, IBM, Calgon Water, ABC Fire, Westmoreland Hospital, Westmoreland Transit Authority, Westmoreland Court House,  Rite Aid, Ponderosa Restaurant, Government, Walmart, Hills, Ames as well as many  private homes and busineses in the area. I have had the most self reward from the design/build work I have done, although we greatly appreciate all opportunities to serve you.
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 We understand the value of good design and the close cooperation between the customer and builder. There is no finger-pointing here; we take responsibility for your project, start to finish. During my more than 30 years in the business I have heard of many nightmare stories of how people have been taken advantage of by a contractor. This never has and never will happen with me. I promise. When you hire me you are not only buying quality workmanship, but also peace of mind.  So please call for a free no-obligation  estimate.  Why not keep some cash in your pocket by paying less. Phone 724-219-3934
Your home and/or business is your most important investment, so which electrical construction and home improvement company should you trust with it?  
Our suggestion: pick one with a proven track record of handling all of your electrical wiring and remodeling needs. Let us help you.
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    WELCOME ,  and thank you for your consideration. 
       Hi: My name is Gerry(Gerard) the owner of Greensburg Electric. My father, Al, did wiring part time and started me into the business at an early age(14). That was in 1974, the same year I started my schooling in industrial electricity. Most of our work back then was re-wiring of old homes. I still do re-wires today. This is when I developed my work ethic from the old timers who are likely rolling in their grave if they can still see how the majority of society seems to have declined in that area today. I owe alot for those standards which have given me the ability to maintain the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau and I have never had to turn any problems into my insurance or been liable for poor workmanship or anything like that.                                                                   After high school I worked as a maintenance man and as an electrician for several different independent electrical contracters. This was important, I think, because it helped me become more well rounded, seeing how various people ran their operation, and learning from each of them.                                                                                                  In 1990 I started my own business as Greensburg Electric. By 1997, I had 5 electricians working for me. My advertising was strictly word of mouth back then. We did residential, commercial, and light industrial electrical work back then for many, many customers, and if any of you are reading this I greatly appreciate the opportunty and support you have given me. Even in a well thriving construction business I think it is hard to maintain a perfectly even flow of business,and so in the slower times I began flipping houses. It kept my emloyees working steady and its where I picked up much of the skills in the various trades I use today.                                                                                          I would be extremely grateful for any projects you could throw my way.                                                                                                                     Thank you so much, Sincerely                                                                                        Gerard J. Dorundo                                                                             
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email me
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